Friday, 30 December 2011


about how things will pan out for the last month of cross this season.  Hopefully the legs will come back and the results will improve, and not let me down at Shrewsbury NT rnd - really don't want to be last there.

Rode at the Cov RC Boxing Day cross on Monday, which is always fun but I can never get into the rhythm of this one.  This time got there early enough to have plenty of practice laps and the 10 mile ride over there always makes a good warm up.  But too much single track, and a longish road climb doesn't help me keep focused on racing. 
courtesy of British Cycling
  So I'm now looking forward to the New Year's Day Scramble at Top Barn where I will be hoping for a good result, or at least being able to get in the zone and keeping focused for the full race!

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