Friday, 2 December 2011

Frosty start

Last night's dash home from work in the dark was along the short route, 9.8miles in about 34mins with no real hazards en route.

This morning was a chilly 1 degree, possibly the coldest this Winter so far.  Tho the cars were all iced over there wasn't too much frost on the roads.  I took the longish 20 mile route into work, covering the distance in about an hour and a quarter. 

This afternoon I have to try and pop to the shops on the way home to pick some Xmas pressies - but I will still try and get some interval work done along the way.

Sunday sees the Regional Cyclocross champs at Shrewsbury, which is sounding like it will be a very muddy affair, so hopefully the single chainring setup will come into it's own... 

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