Monday, 12 December 2011

Keeping it fresh

Unsurprisingly cold this morning.  The forecast was for a barmy 3 degrees, but when I got out it was more like 1 or below.

It was a tricky decision whether to try out a few anaerobic intervals on the way to work, with the risk of a bit of ice on the roads but sticking to treated roads meant I was able to get a quick set of 5 reps in.  At least this kept me warm, but it did need a lot of focus with trying to read the road for any icy patches too.  I've not done too many of these sessions going into work on dark and frosty mornings, as I usually save them for around dusk on Friday afternoons.

13 mile dash in just under 50mins, not massively quick but did get the HR up to zone 4+.

A steady ride home after a couple of Xmas beers at lunchtime will hopefully waken the senses again.

threat of rain and snow tomorrow :O

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