Thursday, 2 February 2012

End of a Season

Another 'cross season has come to an end.  The last two weeks has seen the final two races in the WMCCL being run off in different extremes of weather, one mild at about 11 degrees and one only just above freezing.  Both ended up muddy, but with very different types of mud!  Sticky but not wet, and wet n claggy. 

At Wolverhampton, a missed pedal engagement at the start meant I sprinted after the leaders far too hard and was paying for it during the rest of the race.  I did get up to around 4th but then quickly slipped back and a silly crash in the railway cutting cost me a few places putting the bars straight.  Finally ending up twelfth, and aching for then next few days too.

The last race was round the corner at Sedgley, in Baggeridge Country Park - built on the edge of old coal mining and quarrying works, so the mud and ground is black!.  A very quick whistle from the commisaire caught me unaware, and I found myself well down the field.  It was definitely a day for those with spare bikes and helpers in the pits as the bike picked up mud through nearly every part of the course.  Needless to say there were many broken mechs and clogged up cassettes - mine included.  Fortunately I didn't persist too much when half way into, what turned out to be my last lap, the chain started jumping off the sprockets.  I'd been reeling folks in most of the time and it turns out I'd made it into the top ten only to lose three or four places trying to free up a mech that had wrapped up into the cassette but not actually done any damage.  So another 12th place finish consolidated my 12th place in the league.  One thing for me to note was that I seemed to be running much better than most folks, even tho I haven't been doing any run sessions for 2 months!

Now looking to next season and some transitional riding in the interim :D