Thursday, 28 October 2010

What's happening out there?

After the cold, icy conditions of the start of the week this morning had me wondering what's happening out there?

Monday morning was zero degrees, yesterday and this morning was back into double can that be. Seems like a change in the wind direction is the cause, with it blowing warm air in from the SW rather than the cold Arctic air from the our friends in the North.

This means that the commute into work is now into the wind, so I am looking forward to some assistance on the way home. It's still quite dull and I doubt if it has warmed up much from the morning so I won't need to shed any layers for the return trip, and with the intention to do a couple of shortish race intensity intervals will mean I'll be plenty warm enough anyway.

I'm still trying to keep focus for this weekends 'cross race which will be the last before a two week break, and hoping I can hold form to get another top 10 placing. So far the racing has gone really well, improving each race and picking up 2 top 10 placing in my Vet40-49 age category.

Fingers crossed then ;D

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