Monday, 25 October 2010

Dark, cold, icy

This morning was well dark, with requirement of the Hope One to be on beam 2 for the early portion of my commute - it really does light up unlit roads enough to ride at 18mph even at half power!

Even though it was dark and temperatures were only just above freezing I still chose the long route into work. Some 25 miles down dark and frosty country roads. Many would wonder why but when the shortest commute is about 12 miles and 40mins then that extra doesn't really take that much more out of you. Also, at the moment I've been racing every Sunday so I need to keep my endurance up and the only way is to put in some longer rides so my 3 morning commutes a week need to be a good length. This means that whilst many are not looking forward to the clocks going back at the weekend, my view is that at least my long morning commutes will be a bit brighter even tho the return rides will be in the dark.

The frost and ice became worse as I got closer to work for some reason. Plenty of crackling ice beneath the rubber and a couple of times the back wheel moved more than expected meant that the last couple of miles were taken with a lot more care than usual. My track record last winter of 3 falls means I'm sure to hit the deck again shortly!

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