Friday, 8 October 2010

More than a change in the weather?

This weekend I'm hoping for more than just a change in the weather. I'm hoping to get rid of the gremlins that have bugged my last two 'cross races and finally have a race free of mechanical problems.

I'm not sure if it will work out but I am hoping that tomorrow I can run the chain on the 46 ring and set the front mech to act just as a chain keeper similar to the Paul Components below:

This will allow me to make sure there are no problems with the front mech and hopefully the 46 ring isn't too big - I should be ok unless there are drastic changes to the course from last year where I ran a single speed 38-18 only running thru some of the stickier sections.

With the first round of the National Trophy series starting the same day, I'm hoping that most of the fast guys won't be there :D

On the commuting front, the dark mornings have been rolling in and this week has been quite cool and foggy. This afternoon is expected to be warm, I guess I'll be getting damp again this week but this week it will be due to working up a sweat and not because I'm doing my intervals in pouring rain!

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