Friday, 27 April 2012

Whether the weather be good or ...

Following on from my last post, the April weather this year has been in stark contrast to last year.  So far, I think it has rained more days than not and probably almost all days have at least a shower.

This morning, once again I was caught in the rain.  This time it started as soon as I got the bike out of the garage and didn't stop.  Friday's are one of my long ride days, usually at least 25 miles going into work and a bit of rain wasn't going to put me off.  In fact I'm sure I ride harder in bad weather than in good.  I find myself pushing hard through the adverse conditions, keeping in the big ring on the undulations and pushing on over the tops.  There is a certain something about crashing through the torrents of water running across the roads, trying to keep extremities warm and torso cool...this is what monuments are made of <lol>


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