Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BBB Hardwear Overshoes

There is nothing worse than having wet, soggy and frozen feet when out cycling so a good pair of overshoes are an essential part of any cyclists wardrobe, especially for those that ride throughout the year.

BBB offer a number of different overshoes suitable for all British weather conditions, from oversocks for the cooler Summer days to heavy duty rubberised overboots.

Since Christmas I have been using the BBB Hardwear overshoes on my daily commutes to and from work.  These are mid-range shoe covers and they have performed admirably through freezing temperatures and heavy rain, keeping my feet nice and toastie on all occasions.  Although it is very difficult to have an overshoe that is totally waterproof, as rain always has the potential to run in from the top cuff and road spray enter from beneath, these have been the best I've had for sometime.  Made from 3mm rubberised neoprene with sewn and glued seams, adjustable cuffs, Kevlar reinforced heel and toe, sturdy YKK zippers and plenty of reflective detailing they are packed with features to keep your feet comfortable.  After 3 months of use I've had no issues with durability so far and have used them with both road and off-road shoes, providing a snug fit on both and no interference in the cleat operation.

The only area for improvement would be for the seams to be taped, to give extra protection against persistent heavy rain on long rides.

Overall I have found these to perform well, with easy entry and decent protection from the elements, plus they are good value for money.       

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