Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Warming up for a Winter of Anticipation

Over the last month my commutes to and from work have been interrupted somewhat, with nice things like lounging around on the shores of Lake Garda for 10 days and not so nice things like having to get car repairs done which means a lot more driving around than I'd like.

As a means of a warm-up to break me into the forth coming cyclocross season, I entered the Warwick Town Centre races after returning from Italy. With only about 3 outings on the bike in the previous 3 weeks I wasn't really expecting to much on race day. I have raced at Warwick once before, about 3 years ago, and said then it would be the last time as the idea of riding hell for leather round a 1km circuit that includes half a dozen 90 degree turns, a short drag, and iron works was a stupid one. Now I had convinced myself it would be good training for the initial cross races after the openers being so fast and furious last year. This time around however instead of the circuit being nice and dry (as forecast) the heavens opened about 20mins before my race (novice and 4th cats). As expected the racing was fast and I tried to keep things under control but as usual the adrenalin got the better of me and I just went all out for as long as I could, which wasn't long enough as it turned out. I did mange to be up there for the second intermidiate sprint after 20mins but then paid for my efforts when held up by soome lapped riders, eventually finishing 11th. I actually enjoyed myself more this time around and can only wonder how I might have performed if I hadn't had 2 weeks off just prior.

So there are now only 3 days until the start of the West Mids Cyclo-Cross League, and the anticipation within me is building. I can't wait to ride over to the series opener at Pitcher Oak Woods and do battle against my fellow 'crossers on one of the more technical courses with lung busting ascents, steps, wooded tracks and technical decents. A brief reccie of the couse later this week to check how the going is, and what tyres might be best, then ..."Let battle commence"

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