Friday, 17 September 2010

Course Reccie/Commute

With the first round of the West Mids Cyclo-Cross League at Redditch just 2 days away, decided that it would be a good idea to incorporate a ride over to the course on my commute to work. this would mean I know how long it will take for me to cycle over to race HQ and give me the opportunity to have a ride around the course (if my memory recalls the route).

The route was ok, with only a minor mis-navigation and took me 50mins. However, the ride around the course (complete with laptop in my ruck sac) served to remind me how hard it is going to be. The starting lap misses out the steps and heads straight up a very steep hill before hanging left to descend thru a bomb hole, which took out a few competitors last year. I'm going to be struggling to recover after that start, and there is more of the same to come as the route ascends and descends the hill at various points around the lap. On the second lap, we switch to using part of the hill that has a section of steps, which if not too crowded can be ridden up along the edge of the steps, but is again very steep near the top.

So after doing a couple of laps, I was feeling pretty knackered, initially a little down beat and not really ready for it. However this is the first round and my first 'cross race since Feb so I shouldn't expect too much and just try and start kicking things into gear.

The home this afternoon will have to include a few loops thru the local park to practise some dismount/mount drills as I haven't had chance this week with having builders in and car issues. Hopefully it will gee me up along with the sunshine that seems to have arrived. :D

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