Monday, 21 June 2010

Mid Summer's Day

This morning I took the long way into work, firstly going 5 miles in the opposite direct before swinging round in a big loop. Funny thing, after about 7 miles I noticed another rider in the French tri-colour coming the other way - I think a jolly Bonjour! is in order, then notice it is Rob from work doing the same as me but the opposite way round. Rob will be riding the C2C with me next week, however as I was in "the zone", riding tempo it didn't occur to me to turn and ride with him until about 2 miles down the road!

As the clouds rolled away this morning and the sunshine flooded out, I happened to be passing an old "broken" lane that I often used last year when doing some 'cross training. So in my new Team HCtB jersey I took the turn into the track, the closest thing to cobbles around for a bit of rough stuff fun :D

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