Friday, 13 January 2012

Jack's Back

This morning Jack Frost was back and is expected to be make return visits over the next few nights.  It is only to be expected that in mid January thick frosts will cover cars and gardens on the majority of dark mornings, but this Winter has been somewhat different.  With temperatures set to plummet to below freezing the the ground at Shrewsbury on Sunday may well be quite firm, and maybe similar to the last time I was there in early December.  It will all depend on how quickly the Sun comes out and softens the mud before the race.

Once again it seems like I will be back on my own with no support crew assistance, nor racing buddies.  The main focus of this race will be to get in the zone and make it a good, worthwhile, training session - getting me ready for the last 2 races in the league.  I'm not expecting much as this is the first time at a National Trophy race, which will attract the top Vet 'crossers in the country! 

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