Friday, 21 January 2011

It's been a while

Christmas has been and gone, and so too has the New Year.

So far I've not used the car for work even tho there has been some decidedly dodgy weather around, particularly this last couple of mornings. You can see that the mornings are slowly startin gto get lighter, and the sun isn't starting to wane until much laater in the afternoon but the mix of freezing night time temperatures and mildish days means that there is tending to be a lot of frost and ice around meaning that on has to keep ones whits about one all the way in. It's better going home tho and this afternoon looks like it might be the best yet. The last couple of Fridays there has been rain, showery but heavy which doesn't really mix well with up hill intervals where wind on it's own is hard enough.

At the moment we are in the middle of our C2W window at work and this week we had the local bike shop in to help generate some interest. This seemed to go down well and we had a flurry of folks passing through picking up leaflets and checking out the bikes. I just hope the showers get a make over soon to accomodate all these new commuters.

Sunday see the last cross race of this season for me - hopefully I will get my head down and manage to grab enough points to move back into the top 10, and then who knows what next season will bring?

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